WiPo Wireless Power

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WiPo Wireless Power was born out of the idea to create a products that will change the way we use and consume electricity. Electricity has been around for well over 200 years and since the discovery of electricity, not much has changed. What has recently changed is the demand to power mobile device, the need to make mobile devices truly mobile by cutting the final cord, the power cord. At WiPo Wireless Power we provide wireless power solutions for drones and mobile consumer electronics. WiPo Wireless Power is essentially WiFi for Power.

Unlike other wireless power solutions that make use of electromagnetic induction, sound, microwaves or lasers, the WiPo Wireless Power drone uninterrupted power supply system makes use of resonant capacitive coupling to power drones wirelessly from power lines allowing power utilities to perform power line inspections without the need to change batteries every 30 min or refuel the drones. The biggest advantage of the power system is it is light, efficient and provide sufficient power to perform line inspections efficiently, effectively and reliable. This is on top of the advantages of making use of drones for power line inspections, which is easy, fast and cost effective.

WiPo Wireless Power was founded by two power industry experts that have combined over 50 years professional experience with electricity, power generation and transmission, information technology and management experience.