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Drone Enclosures

Drone Nest (Drone Box, Drone Port, Drone Pod, Vertiport)

Autonomous Drone Charging and housing

The Drone nest or as it is sometimes referred to as a drone box, drone port, drone pod or vertiport is an all-in-one solution for autonomous drones. The drone nest is a housing container (1100mm x 1500mm x 650mm) for drones, a drone garage of sorts. The drone nest enables autonomous charging of drones while being housed in the drone nest. Unlike other drone boxes, the drone nest make use of wireless charging to ensure a simple and effective manner of recharging the drone batteries. Other drone boxes make use of complicated robotics to replace the batteries and charge it separately. The robotic arms introduces exuberant and unnecessary costs with additional complexity, which complicates its operation while introducing additional failure points.

Drone Nest


Drone Box

WiPo Wireless Power has developed an elegant yet simple design for the drone nest to ensure the drone is as autonomous as possible. The drone nest is also a smart or Internet-of-Things (IoT) device that tracks the power usage, charging power, drone information as well as any gathered information such as video footage. All of the information is then transferred to the cloud for analysis and used for the work it was intended for. With a IoT device, connected via a gateway and stored on the cloud, allows the operator to check, inspect and make charges to the drone nest even when they are across the globe from where the drone is being operated.


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